Inaba leaves with Nozomi.[359]. Muramasa liberates Ryūjin Jakka, who, covering Muramasa's escape, traps Ichigo and the other Shinigami.[336]. The Hollow is immune to their attacks, but the group is saved by Renji and Rukia, who defeat it. That night, he is confronted by Shinji Hirako, who reveals both he and Ichigo are Visored. As Sado, trying to attack Ichigo, says he did not become strong to fight with Ichigo, he attacks again, and Ichigo is pushed outside from the force of the attack. Er neigt dazu, Hemden mit der Nummer 15 zu tragen, weil sein Name ein Homonym für die Nummer ist. [522], Less than ten years later, Ichigo marries Orihime and they have a son named Kazui Kurosaki. Ichigo wakes up under Masaki as she lies dead. While the Visored fight his out of control body, in his inner world, Ichigo, unable to damage the Hollow, is instead stabbed. Ichigo falling victim to Kūgo's Getsuga Tenshō. [298] Saying he has none, Ichigo, stating Isshin must have had a reason to keep things a secret, thanks his father and returns to Aizen's location, where he fights Gin Ichimaru. When he removes Zangetsu's spirit from Ichigo, Zangetsu attacks and overpowers a hesitant Ichigo, whose inner Hollow, taking over, defeats Zangetsu. When Aizen successfully tricks Yhwach into believing he has killed him, Ichigo impales Yhwach from behind before unleashing a powerful Getsuga Tenshō. He tells Ichigo Byakuya destroyed the powers given to him by Rukia, but Ichigo has his own Shinigami powers, which were hidden deep in his soul and awakened by Rukia's power. [88], On the 17th of July, the Kurosaki family visits Masaki's grave. Aside from that, Ichigo can determine the pattern of his opponent's battle methods and form a proper counter-strategy to defeat his opponent's attacks. Along with, Rukia, Uryū, and Sado, Ichigo spars with Nozomi, who absorbs some of the incoming attacks. Despite protests, the Gotei 13 take up residence in Ichigo's bedroom. [109][110], The following day, Rukia helps Ichigo and his friends get out of trouble for their actions at the abandoned hospital when they are brought before the principal and Kagine, who states their escapades were broadcast live nationwide. Inviting them inside, Tsukishima says he only wants to talk. Let me ask you, are you referring Ichigos fake(original) bankai or his true bankai from the 1000 Year Blood War Arc???? [210] When Rukia, arriving, asks Ichigo what he said to Sado, Ichigo tells her he told him to step aside and let him fight. Waking up at home, she asks Ichigo where Hebi is, but he implies she just dreamed the whole thing up. [193] After having Uryū patch up Kon's ragged plushie, Ichigo realizes he has lost his Quincy powers as a result of going to Soul Society. [105] As Kanonji promises to send Ichigo to heaven too, Rukia shouts at him to look up, where they see the spirit reforming into a Hollow on top of the hospital. [391], When Ichigo tries to call Orihime, Sado tells him not to, as it could distract her and lead her to her death. [404], Yukio loads Ichigo and Kūgo into his console. He has four black vertical lines on his forearms and black, tattoo-like bands crossing over his chest, wrists, and ankles. When a new Hollow appears, Uryū, killing it, introduces himself, saying he hates Shinigami and Ichigo. [353] Later, Urahara and Renji find Ichigo. As the process nears completion, a trap in the system is set off, causing it to begin self-destructing. When Kisuke Urahara removes the Mod Soul from Ichigo's body, Ichigo, asking him what he is going to do with it, asks who he is. Ichigo then tells his allies to split up and look for Grimmjow. As Ichigo attempts to attack Yhwach, Orihime shields her friend from the Quincy's attacks. When Yukio prevents Orihime from interfering, an enraged Ichigo, attacking, tries to dodge Kūgo's attacks by sensing the presence and sound of his opponent, but Kūgo, further injuring him, leaves Ichigo lying on the ground, impaled with his sword. When his sisters were born, he began attending a dojo for the sake of protecting them. The point of this lesson, which Urahara calls "Shattered Shaft," is to restore Ichigo's Shinigami powers. Ichigo senses both his inner Hollow and his Quincy powers within Zangetsu. [129] The following day, when Rukia tells Ichigo not to pay attention to Uryū's injuries, Ichigo denies being worried. Using his Shikai to envelop him in a portal, Inaba says Ichigo should not exist, as he is not Human, nor is he is pure Shinigami or Hollow. When Ichigo, denying he is hungry, says the chain is still long, Jinta reveals it has been seventy hours since he entered the shaft, and the final corrosion phase is stronger than the earlier ones. As the world crumbles around him, he instructs Ichigo to find it. Rushing out to call Ikumi, Ichigo has a short exchange with her about being fired. [455] Afterwards, Ichigo visits a wounded Rukia and Renji in the hospital before being summoned to the 12th Division. As Yhwach grins at this, Ichigo moves in front of Santen Kesshun while telling Orihime to keep up her guard before engaging in close range combat with Yhwach. [347] Later, when Nozomi runs away, Ichigo is among the group which searches for her. As Urahara says he has successfully recovered his spirit energy, and the soul tends to gain the Reiryoku faster when it is in danger of being destroyed, Tessai, cutting Ichigo's Chain of Fate, pins him to the ground. He notes while Tsukishima did not look at him, he felt his killing intent. Upon hearing this, Ichigo manages to dispel the veins covering his arm and grabs Zangetsu before attacking Yhwach, who effortlessly blocks him while proclaiming that there is no point in fighting him anymore because Soul Society will collapse regardless of what happens to him.[489]. Anyway, let us reminisce those great times in the series, and, at the same time, unbox once again the significant different faces of Ichi… Senbonzakura reveals Byakuya had only been pretending to be in league with Muramasa to find and destroy Kōga. When Ichigo asks if it would stop if Tsukishima were to die, Kūgo, telling Ichigo he does not know, asks if Ichigo could kill him despite this. [498], Ichigo and his allies begin moving toward it while discussing their inability to create Reishi footholds. Ichigo flees his home in horror at Tsukishima's manipulation. Ichigo's pursuit is stopped by Byakuya, who disappears. However, upon seeing the tip of his blade turning white, Ichigo has Orihime shield him and reveals to her that he needed to awaken something with Yhwach's Quincy Reiatsu, hence his repeated and seemingly reckless headlong charges. Reassuring him about this, she explains about the sword Urahara made to restore Shinigami powers to Ichigo. However, the blade instead crumbles to reveal the original Zangetsu in Ichigo's hands, prompting a stunned Yhwach to realize that this is what Haschwalth was trying to warn him about with his dream as Ichigo cuts him in two. Das hervorstechendste Merkmal an Ichigo ist sein stacheliges oranges Haar. [490] Yhwach attempts to destroy both of them, but Ichigo stops him, allowing Yoruichi to move in and begin the process of replacing the Soul King. As Ichigo thinks he should have used his mask, Aizen tries to unnerve Ichigo. Returning, Kūgo, disputing this, is cut off by the arrival of more Shinigami. [255] Later, a group of Bakkōtō-wielding assassins attack. You can tell because the Nazi version is rotated 45 degrees and twists in the opposite direction. As she tells him to conserve what energy he has left so he may live a moment longer, Byakuya, acquiescing to Rukia's request, states Ichigo should die shortly due to his injuries, but if he does survive, he will no longer possess any Shinigami powers. Despite being outnumbered and having diminishing powers, Ichigo, refusing to let them take her, uses his Bankai to destroy them. Yhwach continues to injure Ichigo despite Orihime shielding him, before eventually revealing that The Almighty lets him transform the future as well as foresee it. [119] As Ichigo tries to make him undo it, Uryū tells him Hollows will soon flood the town, and he should try to protect as many people as possible. "...If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist. Ichigo and Rukia travel to Soul Society regardless, and while passing through the Dangai, they are chased by the Kōtotsu. Ichigo's most distinguishing feature is his spiky orange hair, a trait he has been ridiculed about for years on end. As Ichigo, angrily rushing towards Tsukishima when he spots him, reaches for his badge, Kūgo, stopping him, warns Ichigo if he is correct about Tsukishima's ability, they will be in trouble if he is cut even once. After a burst of heat, Ichigo stands with his new Zanpakutō, which is now comprised of two distinct blades, and acknowledges both his Quincy powers and the real Zangetsu as being his Zanpakutō.[472]. [71] Rukia, who has taken to staying in his closet, forces Ichigo's soul out of his body. Seven days after completing his training, Ichigo is summoned to the Urahara Shop. After recovering slightly from his battle, Ichigo saves Rukia from Yammy. [409], Blind and confused, Ichigo, demanding to know what Kūgo is doing, states he does not trust him, as he is not helping him as he had promised he would. After getting a sobering lesson from Renji, the two eventually reach Soul Society, and immediately attack Yhwach. When they leave, Ichigo, contemplating Kūgo's warning about Urahara, wonders if he should follow them, but decides not to. Ichigo arrives to find Kōga already released. Poisoned, Ichigo, collapsing, is treated by the 4th Division members, and learns of Yamamoto's whereabouts from Yoruichi.[334]. Rukia drags Ichigo off, prompting him to complain about the rumors regarding them. Surrounded, they decide to take Hanatarō Yamada hostage as they try to escape. As a reluctant Ichigo enters the mansion, his family and friends, greeting him, tell a shocked Ichigo he should be happy Tsukishima is not angry, urging him to apologize. Ichigo fires an energy blast at her, only for Jackie to easily shatter it. When they are found by several Reigai, Ichigo, with his fluctuating Reiatsu continuing to impair him, agrees to rely on Nozomi's Zanpakutō. [322], After the battle with Aizen, Ichigo, asking Urahara where everyone is, asks if everyone's memories have been erased. Urahara frees Ichigo's Shinigami form from his body, allowing him to knock Kanonji away from the Jibakurai. Visiting with some leftover bread from her job, Orihime asks him if something happened recently or if he is being followed, which Ichigo denies.[379]. Catching him, Orihime says she will treat him. Following Ichigo, Nel catches up to him just as he is attacked by Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio. When a distraught Ichigo asks Kūgo to give his power back, Kūgo states it was the power he gave to Ichigo, and it belongs to him. Telling Urahara he told Isshin he would be sleeping over at a friend's house, he asks Urahara to teach him well. Using his Fullbring, Yukio Hans Vorarlberna seals Ichigo, preventing him from interacting with Tsukishima. R2 Ulquiora = 25X+ MB Ichigo. [482] Afterwards, upon seeing Ichigo's distraught expression, Sado throws him into a building and demands to know what he is doing. In the underground training area, Urahara, revealing the Senkaimon they will be using to enter Soul Society, removes Ichigo's Shinigami form from his body. Ichigo fights them, but they prove to be tough to beat. [97] Using most of her strength to heal his stomach wound, Rukia leaves his other injuries. Kūgo says Ichigo saw him bathed in Reiatsu, which is why he cut Ichigo's eyes, as that is proof Ichigo is beginning to regain his Shinigami powers. She insists he must help her do her job while she awaits the return of her powers. [150], Overwhelming Ichigo, Urahara, revealing his sword is a Zanpakutō, activates Benihime's Shikai. Ichigo tests out his completed Fullbring. [582] When fighting Quilge Opie, Ichigo grabbed one of his Heilig Pfeil with his bare hand without sustaining any damage, despite the considerable explosion it caused when Ichigo threw it back. [216] The fight is brought to a close when Kaname Tōsen forces Grimmjow return to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo angrily attacks Yhwach and proclaims he still intends to stop him, only for Yhwach to ask him if his resentment toward him is truly justified. [189] Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of Ichinose, who, initially attacking Ichigo, turns his sword on Kariya before being killed. Telling him it is dangerous to be by himself, Ichigo is distracted by an ill Karin. Ichigo blocks Aizen's attack with his bare hand. Unable to attract their attention by shouting, Uryū fires an arrow at Ichigo, who, blocking it, insists it is a battle between him and Uryū, and the amount of Hollows they beat is irrelevant. Arriving, Kenpachi challenges Ichinose, allowing the others to pursue the Bount. There is some inconsistency regarding Ichigo's wounds from training with Hiyori when Orihime arrived at the Visored Warehouse to find him. Stating if Tsukishima wanted to harm Xcution, he could have kept going, but it seems his objective is Ichigo, Kūgo tells Yukio to help with Ichigo's training. [392] Arriving to find Orihime kneeling in front of her door, they ask her if she is alright. As Kenryū and Enryū take Rurichiyo away, Ichigo uses his Bankai to defeat the horde of Hollows pursuing them. He cuts off part of the Hollow's mask, revealing it to be Sora Inoue. After stopping three lieutenants from pursuing them, he is confronted by Byakuya once more. Urahara brings Ichigo and Kon to the natural Senkaimon which Nozomi previously attempted to use to seal herself in the Dangai. [169][170] After escaping, Yoruichi, taking Ichigo to a hidden area, tells Ichigo he cannot save Rukia with his present power, asking him to undergo Bankai Training. [517], As Yhwach leaves through a portal, Rukia and Renji show up, with Renji trying and failing to attack Yhwach from behind despite Ichigo's silent protests. Abruptly leaving to confront Kūgo, Ichigo attacks him with a Getsuga Tenshō, but Kūgo, cutting through it with his sword, attacks him with a Getsuga Tenshō as well, surprising Ichigo. Ichigo fights one of them, who gains the advantage by using his Bakkōtō's mirror to blind Ichigo, but the assassins are stopped. Ichigo realizes he never thought about the corridors being too confined to use his sword in. After becoming a Shinigami, his senses have continued to improve with time, learning various advanced sensing techniques, such as using a spirit ribbon to find Yūichi Shibata (in bird form). After a series of attacks, Ulquiorra asks Ichigo why he will not give up. Saying he expected this to happen, Ichigo, asking if he can go outside, notes he can no longer sense spiritual presences any more, and it is becoming harder to see Rukia. Giving a vague answer, Kūgo notes Ichigo has nobody else to count on. [70] After undergoing some training with Rukia to improve his combat tactics, a Hollow bursts into his room. Reminding Ichigo they received his Fullbring powers, which allows for them to wear their powers as a mantle, he says with Ichigo's help, his Invaders Must Die is now able to influence the world outside his console. Ichigo talks to Orihime about the time they entered Soul Society to rescue Rukia. [174] Joining forces to fight off Aizen, the pair's effort proves to be futile, and Aizen, blocking their attack, cuts through Ichigo's midriff, defeating him. How long will the footprints on the moon last? When did organ music become associated with baseball? Putting his life on the line to control the explosion, Kūgo expresses his pride in Ichigo's accomplishment, stating his villain act is not the best, and welcomes Ichigo to Xcution.[410]. When Ichigo is thrown back by a Cero, Hitsugaya defeats it with his Shikai. Explaining about Reiryoku, stating the more one's Reiryoku rises, the sharper the movements of their spiritual body become, he says if Ichigo can manage to move even better with his spiritual body than he can with his mortal body, they will have completely recovered his Reiryoku. [279][280] After he injures Uryū, Ulquiorra manages to attack him again, resulting in Ichigo being restored to normal, the hole in his chest healed. [325] Later, Ichigo encounters a seriously injured Rukia being pursued by the spirit of her Zanpakutō, Sode no Shirayuki. Before the explosion occurs, Ichigo ingests the Mod Soul, which restores his Reiatsu. Aside from his initial training with Urahara, he is essentially on a "learn as you go" training regimen; thusly, his skill has developed by fighting rather than formal instruction, becoming even more capable with every fight. After arriving home late for the last two nights, Ichigo returns to the Kurosaki Clinic late once again, to the delight of Karin and Yuzu, whom he urges to go to bed, as it is late. She pushes Ichigo back before throwing her Galvano Javelin at him. However, Ichigo emerges unharmed and prepares to take the quartet on. As he, wondering why things turned out this way, says he only wanted to protect his friends, he asks what he got his powers back for. Stuck with Hanatarō, they take advantage of his offer to show them a shortcut through the sewers to Rukia's cell. [476] Candice attacks him, but Ichigo grabs her arm and throws her into a building before repeating the process with Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle. Ichigo arrives at the altered Soul King Palace. Seeing this, Ichigo realizes this is what happened to him before on the rooftops, and Kūgo explains Yukio's Fullbring. He has a tendency to wear shirts patterned with the number 15 because his name is a homonym for the number. Urahara starts the third lesson, which is simply to knock the hat off of Urahara's head. [326][327], Ichigo awakens in his inner world, where he finds Muramasa trying to gain control of his inner Hollow, who attacks Muramasa, leading him to bind it. [74], At school, Ichigo fends off Mizuiro Kojima's suggestions of a relationship with Rukia and Reiichi Ōshima's threats about his hair color. Isshin lends him an amulet, which he claims Masaki gave to him, stating it will bring him good fortune. He asks Ichigo what he is fighting for, but when Ichigo does not answer him, Kūgo informs him of an enemy he should be fighting.[427]. [203] After they discuss the mission, Ichigo, annoyed by their company, asks them when they will be leaving. When Kon tells Ichigo to strike for her Soul Chain to break the fusion, Ichigo attacks, but Yushima, regaining control, blocks and activates his Renzan Hajokuri technique to destroy all of Soul Society. [91] As the Hollow attempts to eat Yuzu, Ichigo, arriving, cuts the twins free. One day, when Ichigo was twelve, prior to the Kurosaki Clinic opening, he heard the bell ring and answered the door to find a girl with her brother on her back. [471] In the real world, Ichigo grabs his new Zanpakutō while it is being forged, which Nimaiya allows. [254] Later, he learns their identity, and Kenryū reveals that despite her young age, Rurichiyo is the leader of the Kasumiōji Clan due to her parents' death. When he awakens to the sound of Isshin, who pounces on him, Ichigo dodges, sending Isshin through an open window. As the cave begins to crumble, Yumichika Ayasegawa convinces Ichigo to leave them behind and go further into the cave. [231][232][233] Seeing Nel Tu being chased by three Hollows, they, intervening, are surprised to learn the child is an Arrancar, and her pursuers are her two "brothers" and their pet playing a game. The group see Ichigo off as he leaves through the Senkaimon. There, Ichigo trains to operate the Reishūkaku they will be using to breach the protective barrier above Seireitei. After informing Yamamoto of his request, he dismisses Captain Hirako's words about forgiving Kūgo, stating his friends and family are back to normal, and calls Kūgo a "mere Substitute Shinigami." Ichigo's Reiatsu after attaining his true power. Realizing he cannot change form without Rukia, Ichigo demands a reluctant Kon change him into a Shinigami. Uryū realizes that as long as Haschwalth possesses The Almighty, Yhwach is vulnerable and tells Ichigo to go to the highest point of Silbern to confront Yhwach while he deals with Haschwalth. Ichigo and Orihime visit Uryū in the hospital. Thanking him, Ichigo invites him over for dinner, saying Kon needs to be cheered up. [21], Ichigo was able to see Pluses for as long as he could remember. As the two clash, causing significant damage to the surrounding area, Aizen, commenting on their changed appearances, gloats. Enraged at the injury, Grimmjow, impaling Ichigo through the stomach, uses his most powerful attack, Desgarrón. Ichigo asks Uryū if he does not know what will happen if Yhwach succeeds in killing the Soul King, but Uryū reveals he already knows, causing Ichigo to again question his motives. Last is the Bankai and the answer to your question. Er trägt gerne eng geschnittene Kleidung.